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SUSEN released The Cloud in the spring and summer of 2021. Its design perfectly interprets the trend of 2021. The talented designer Kerry brought The Cloud series with the ultimate soft touch in 2021, giving a different color to daily wear.. The Cloud uses cowhide as the fabric and flannel as the lining, giving the ladies the best tactile feeling. At the beginning, The Cloud only launched beige, black and green, which was sought after by fashionistas and ladies who love SUSEN. Later, we designed The Cloud yellow, purple and emerald of the same size, as well as the small size The Cloud.

The Moon Phase series is inspired by the different forms of the moon in the sky every day. From the new moon to the full moon, time drives the phases of the moon, showing different beauty in front of people. The designers of SUSEN draw inspiration from the slowly changing Moon Phases, and engrave the beauty of different forms in the bag design of the moon phase series. 
The creative inspiration of the Bubble series is the colorful world around us. The talented SUSEN designers are always able to keep the beauty around them, let us remember that this beautiful world is full of colors. Most of the fabrics used in this design are exquisite SUSEN PU fabrics, or 50D high-density cotton-feel down jacket fabrics like the Fold & Go series. This collection shows colorful styles with a different sense of hierarchy.

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