Our Mission 

The mission of SUSEN is to provide ladies with fashionable, practical and high-quality bags. In addition, it also sells accessories, shoes and clothing.
SUSEN hopes that our designs and products can allow ladies to show their special beauty. Every time ladies have a new bag, they are a brand new self, and they will love this new self.
This is the charm of the SUSEN brand, "So Unique, Shows Every Novelty."


Social Responsibility 

SUSEN is a socially responsible brand, and we insist on using environmentally friendly packaging materials. The packaging carton is made from recycled paper pulp, which helps to reduce the felling of trees. SUSEN hopes that children in the future can still see the dense forests, instead of in history books.



SUSEN's footprint

2003 Dubai

2004 Saudi

2006 Iran & Oman

2008 Kuwait & South Africa & Bahrain Kingdom

2010  Pakistan & Myanmar

2015 Vietnam & Turkey & Jordan & Kuwait

2017 Malaysia & Taiwan & Cambodia & Thailand

2019 Mainland China & Laos & Mexico

2020 Indonesia


    SUSEN not only operates certain physical stores and, but also wholesalers and retailers from all over the world can cooperate with us, and certain partners can even become the exclusive agent of SUSEN in a certain region. Our partners can operate the SUSEN business in their area to varying degrees, of course based on our operation guidance and retail recommendations.

    Business Contact:

    *Our Partners*



    1: Ground Floor, Junction Square, Yangon Shop

    2: level 3, Gamone Pwit, San Yeik Nyein, Yangon Shop

    3: level 2.Taw Win Centre. Yangon

    4: Ground Floor. Junction Square. Yangon Shop

    5: level 3, Yuzana Plaza. Yangon

    6: Level 2.AK concept Junction Square. Yartgon

    7: level 2, City Mai, Yangon

    8: Level 1. Ocean Super Centre. Monywa

    9: Diamond Center. Mandalay.

    10: Tme$ Mall, Yangon

    11: Level 2, Junction City, Yangon, Myanmar


    1: Shop No.19, Ground Floor, Lucky One Mall, Karachi

    2: Shop#66,67, 2nd Floor,Certral Mall, Marston Rd, Karachi

    3: Shop#1, Plot # 19-C, Main Zamzama Boulevard,

    Commercial Lane 5.

    4: Shop#1, Al-Imran Center, Main Tariq Road, Opp:

    Zain Mobile Mall, Karachi

    5: Plot#7, Shop#2, Main Auto Bhan Road, Hyderadad

    i Zamzama Shop


    1: Olympic Wholesale Market KB

    2: Center Mall


    1: 1F, No.148-20, Vizhong Street, North District, Taichung

    City (Vlmin Commercial Circle)


    1: Gandaria City Mall, Jakarta, 12240

    2: Living World Mall, Pekanbaru, 28292

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