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Values & Sustainability

Values & Sustainability

We believe that the manufacturing of clothes, shoes, accessories and beauty products should be done in a responsible way. Our aim is to create collections, with well thought-out solutions, that give people the opportunity to express their personality.

Recycling with us is easy

We want to reduce the environmental footprint in the fashion world and are working to do our part by engaging in more circular and sustainable fashion practices.

We cooperate with experts within the recycling field and rely on our customers to recycle with us. Our in-store recycling program is designed to encourage customers to return empty beauty packaging, as well as pre-loved garments, and textiles to any of our store locations. As a reward for recycling with us, we treat our customers to a 10% off voucher valid for one online or in-store purchase.

Sustainability Commitment

To make sure this is an equally important priority for the suppliers as it is for us, we provide training, education and reward good performance with better business. We also check in on them to see that they live up to our values and requirements and work together on improvements where they fall short.

Environment & Climate

Climate change is one of the major challenges of our time. As with any other organisation or individual on the planet, we have an interest as well as a responsibility in taking action to tackle this issue.

We are gradually expanding our environmental goals and want to find the most energy efficient and sustainable way for all stages of our business.

Product policy

Everything we create and put in our stores must live up to high standards of quality and safety. We want our customers to feel confident that our products are made in the best possible way. We follow environmental laws and regulations in the applicable sales countries, and often go further than the law demands.

All goods are labeled with their country of origin.